The Conversation

She: Good afternoon
He: Good afternoon pls
She: Good afternoon sir! Can I talk to you?
He: 08072744871 or 08175443372
He: I’m in transit but you can call me in an hour
She: Thank you! Alright sir
(He calls her, she picks but says she will feel more
comfortable if they had a chat)
He: My apologies, when I saw “talk”, I had to assume
it is an emergency. Please pardon me
She: Oh, it’s alright!…
I’m sorry it came off that way.
I was just seeking permission to talk i.e chat with you
cause I was feeling a little overwhelmed.
He: Hey Sis… Haven’t seen your message
She: Cold feet…Sorry

(Conversation continues on whatsapp) 6/21/2019
She: Hello? Its ‘O” from twitter

She: I just needed o talk to someone I don’t know
I’m feeling overwhelmed by so many things
He: Good evening sis
[20:08, 6/21/2019] He: I am sorry for the delay
Came to Delta state earlier today
Preparing for a ministration
I am very happy to listen
And offer a word or two if and when needed
Just pour out your mind
It helps


Sorry to cut into your schedule
Ha….Where do I even start
I’m a working student, things are a little rough at home,
so sometimes, well most time I have to take care of my
needs and that requires me working hard
I’ve got siblings and cousins who count on me for some
of their bills as well.
Things have been good and things have been rough.
It varies
The thing is when things get rough,
I always manage to pull through or should I say,
I always knew I would and so that gives me a
reason to go on and keep at it but this time
it’s a little different
I don’t feel like I can pull through
I’m in my finals, 500lvl, I’ve got exams in July
and I haven’t paid my fees which could lead
to me getting an extra year
I’m trying to get that money (I’m halfway there)but I
don’t think I’ll meet my deadline.
Can’t eat well cause saving is more important…
So I’m just stuck.
I have a project to do and I don’t even have a laptop,
so I haven’t even started which means I have
to get one.
I tried getting a mini job as a salesperson but they
wouldn’t hire me because of my disability
(most just probably assume I wouldn’t be able to do
a good job or perhaps they feel it’ll be inhuman
to work me…
It’s pretty dark out here
It’s choking me out
And today mom called me to tell me to pray against
people who want to use me for being too good.
I’m getting pretty tired.
Its getting too much for me to take in
I don’t know what I’m not doing right

You’d get there!
Are you a Christian?
Do you attend church?
Which church?
I ask because I know the church is a good
option to get help
Lols, my church is literally out.
There are no individuals to approach?
No. All they do is more of passing words around
I get that
Another thing is I suck at asking people for help
and it’s frustrating the hell out of me.
Please how much is the money
What about family?
We were never really the family that merges
with other people, so I don’t exactly have rich
uncles to turn to
I get that!
But that is small money
Dad’s trying, he really is…
I can’t even ask him for any more than I already did
What? Small? People like us have to toil pretty hard
to make that much
I went through Private university and paid my way
through struggle and prayer and fasting and
begging and crying and lamenting
How did you do it?
I went to Bowen University without a sponsor
It was hell
I thought I would never make it, but I did
Even graduated as one of the best in my department
Never missed an examination
Was all bones and teeth
So emaciated because I didn’t have food to eat
I fasted and fasted, sometimes all i had to eat for weeks
was custard
I cried and prayed
God always came through somehow
But it was though
With the whole mental stress, my academic life is suffering
I wasn’t ashamed of begging
I went to everybody and presented my results
My mother too spared nothing, crying and begging for
support on my behalf
We went to our church, Individuals, MRS Akingbola of Grace
So Amazing Foundation (Publishers of Word for Today)
paid for one year
University of Ibadan Baptist Church paid my acceptance fees:
My Father did the best he could
But I was in the school with my younger brother
The fee for the both of us was a heavy yoke
I wrote to everybody!!
I didn’t have any pride at all
This is very difficult
Yeah, cause I can proudly say I’m a product of grace.
You don’t know the half of it
I kept looking at the indignity of that moment and
weighing it against the prospect of my future!
I didn’t beg from those who couldn’t help!
I went to pastors and asked them to please put in
a word for me with someone or the other
I was paying 400k per session at the time
400 Thousand Naira?
And I made it every year
I never missed an exam
I prayed o
I can’t imagine having to pay that
I fasted until I had blisters in my mouth
Sometimes all I ate for weeks was custard and mangoes
🙊at least I have garri
You’ve had it pretty rough
I’m grateful I don’t have to do that and
I’m sorry you had to live like that
And I’m grateful that I can still worry about
having Didi on my head
You have it better
It will work out
Today it has become just a story for my brother and I
I agree
I hope so
I just had to make a decision to talk when I was
going out and I started thinking ”if I had an accident right
now, would it be a relief?
Kai, don’t ever think that way
She: I’m a very strong person, very cheerful and I love life..
And I was thinking that way, I was thinking, does anyone
know my ATM pin?
At least my sibling will have use for the money in my
account ,bla bla bla
It scared me…
Me one day I was in my way to Babalawos house to
do juju that I will use to collect money from my father!
I was born again o!
A spirit filled Christian but it was so terrible that I had
to consider the devil as an option!
Thank God I couldn’t do it!
She: Seriously?
He: Seriously!!
She: Omg
I was on a bike on my way there when the Holy Spirit
said “You will kill the Babalawo”
I laughed and laughed and laughed until the Okada
man dropped me thinking I had gone mad
This God
When I got home, I went on twitter to distract myself
Then I saw your tweet and sent you a message
See how our stories now seemed very similar
It’s like looking in a mirror
The Holy Spirit is wonderful
I even later got cold feet and decided to forget it
Then you called
And I saw a text that depicts you were waiting
That’s how I got here
You’ve had it rougher
The Holy Spirit is wonderful
I am able to encourage you as a result
It was not in vain
She: Yeah, It wasn’t
He : Thank you Jesus
She: I wish I can keep that in my head but I’m a realist,
I can’t stop worrying until I can come up with a way
or a solution and it’s all happening at once
I am like that too but I don’t worry
I study hard and make sure I finish my examination within
30 minutes! From the minute we start the examination, I have
30 minutes grace before the lecturers ejecting school
fees defaulters would start making rounds!
By the time they get to my examination venue, I would have
submitted and left for the hostel!
Imagine writing a 3 hours paper in 30 minutes!
I was very desperate!
I still made a strong second class upper with 4.24 CGPA!
Desperate for me would be,
Go out with some people I know want to do that and
would be willing to give me more than enough
But it would require me sleeping with them and
that’s something I can’t bring myself to do
It wouldn’t be worth it
Send me your account no
I will be looking at it and praying
Miracle money will come
I need all the prayers I can get.
On the 7th of July 2019 by 2PM
He got a message from another sister
The sister wrote:
I have a prompting by the Holy Spirit to pay
my tithe to churches I don’t attend
For the times I didn’t take heed, i always
feel dampened in my spirit!
My question is this, must I pay tithe to the
church where i worship?
Thank you sir!
He: Always listen to the Holy Spirit and obey Him!
The Sister (Okay) I have sent the sum of 39,000.00
to you as instructed by the Holy Spirit
11:33 &th July 2019
[23:33, 7/9/2019]
Good evening Pastor, hope you still remember me?
God bless you sister
Have you gotten the money now?
She: I’m close.
It will end in praise
He: Hallelujah
How much more do you need?
She: 39,500
I’ve 92000 already and feeding fee

Send me your account number again
(She did and He sent her the 39,500.00)
Congratulations sis
The Holy Spirit came through for you
: Now go and write that exam with joy and testify
of His goodness
Oh my God
I’m crying
God will continually bless you sir
I am crying too
You deserve a break and you remind so much of my
days in school
I don’t know how to thank you and
I can’t thank you enough.
I bless God in your life.
God bless you
Say thank you to the Holy Spirit
He did this
Someone sent me 39,000 Naira today
And you came looking for 39,500
The Holy Spirit just made me a channel through
which he would help you
I cannot take the credit for that
The Holy Spirit is the one you must thank
Oh God
He loves you
Who am I to be the recipient of this much love from Him?
😭😭who am i?
He: You’re the apple of His eyes!
The heart that beats within Him! Jesus loves you sis!
Never ever forget that! He always comes through for
his children
I will worship Him forever without fail
I’m just screaming the whole house down
Thank you so much
I’m on my knees
God bless you abundantly
The Holy Spirit showed up
To Him alone be the glory for this
I bless God

Ps: He wrote to the sister who sent him the Tithe
A student reached out on 21 June, I was in Delta,
she was at her wits end because of school fees!
She reached out to me on Twitter!
I gave her my WhatsApp number!
We talked! She was genuine!
Yesterday you, said the Holy Spirit told you to send
me some money!
I didn’t know why!
You sent 39,000.00!
The student wrote to me late in the night,
I had forgotten all about her!
She has been able to gather 92000!
She needed 39,500.00
Suddenly I got it!
You sent N39,000.00 and she needed N39,500.00
That was the Holy Spirit at work!
Thought I should let you see how the Holy Spirit used
you to bless someone desperately in need

The Sister
Thank you Jesus!!!!
I am in awe of God’s power and guidance!!!!
Hmmm. I can’t tell it all.
After I received my salary for May 2019,
I missed taking the tithe to church for the first Sunday.
I kept looking for an opportunity to give it out.
Then, the promotion which took effect in June
came through.
This time, I received promptings from the Holy Spirit
to send the money to you.
So I asked the question on Monday. (8/7/2019)
The first thought I had on waking up on Tuesday (9/7/2019)
was a reminder not to fail in sending it across.
I was running late. Again, I received the nudge as soon
as I settled in the office.
I added that of May (16000) and that of June (23000)
and sent it.
I had instant peace.
I thank God for guiding me and enabling me to obey.
It’s an honour to be used by the Holy Spirit.
Glory to God!!!

This happened yesterday/today!
The Holy Spirit is truly in our midst
He is truly working out his wonders today!
“For as Many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the
sons and daughters of God”

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